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Hire a Generator from Bellwood Rewinds

If you are looking to hire a standby diesel generator, Bellwood Rewinds offer a range of solutions to help you moving forward. As a company, we provide short to middle-term solutions for generator hire, for all your backup power needs.

How long do you want to hire a generator for?

Generator hire comes in handy for those of you that need a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. You can hire a generator for a few days, a few weeks or a few months. However long you need to hire a generator for, we can provide you with a fixed price depending on the type of generator you need and the power outage you require.

How much is Generator Hire?

All quotes are uniquely tailored to each customers needs. Some wish to hire a generator for longer than others and the power level will differ each time depending on what it is needed for.

When it comes to determining the generator hire cost, we’d encourage you to get in touch so we can talk you through the different options we have available.

Why choose Bellwood for Generator Hire?

There are several reasons why you should choose Bellwood Rewinds for generator hire. We have listed a few of these below:

  • Reliable Generators – All second-hand systems are repaired and serviced before we make them available for hire. All new systems are checked and serviced too, ensuring they are fit for customer use. We are proud of our ultra-reliable generators.
  • Broad Range – We have a wide range of generators to choose from. We offer advice and guidance to make sure you get your hands on the backup power source you need.
  • Competitive Prices – Our generators are competitively priced. If you are looking for a cost effective solution for backing up your power, we can find something to suit your requirements.
  • Expert advice – For those of you that aren’t sure which generator to hire, we can help you. We have years of experience specialising in the sale and rental of generators and will happily talk you through your options.

There are many benefits of hiring a generator, especially if you only need a backup power source for a temporary period.

Get in touch for Diesel Generator Hire

For those of you looking to hire a generator, the team at Bellwood Rewinds are here to help. We have a great deal of experience specialising in generator rentals and can help you find what you are looking for.

For UK generator hire inquiries, please take the time to get in touch and we can provide you with a custom quote: 01429 264 097.