There are a number of reasons why your generator might be broken or not functioning as efficiently as it should be. Wherever your generator comes from problems can occur, so it’s important to establish what the problem is before it can be fixed.

Bellwood Generators are dependable, long-lasting and manufactured with our customers satisfaction ans safety in mind. With that said however, not all generators are built as efficiently so faults can present themselves.

Top 5 Generator Faults

In no particular order, we have listed the top 5 problems with generators so that you can better your knowledge.


Similar to that of your car, your generator needs to have a good battery life to ensure it has an electrical charge. If the battery is faulty or connections aren’t as they should be, it’s highly likely that the generator won’t turn over properly.

It’s important to test your battery levels and replace date units when they are beyond their shelf life.


It’s easy to overlook the fuel levels when dealing with generator faults. Check the fuel levels to ensure it continues to operate without any problems. Never let the fuel run dry and your generator will continue to function as it should do. Fuel management is a great way of ensuring this doesn’t happen.

Not set to auto

If your generator is not set to auto then it won’t know to switch on when there is a power outage. Check to see if your backup generator has an auto button and if it’s switched off, switch it on.

Low coolant levels

When hiring a generator you shouldn’t encounter this problem. Suppliers will usually check the coolant levels before distribution, although we are sure not everywhere will do this.

If your generator becomes to hot then it may shut down. This is often because there is a lack of coolant in the system. If you find that your generator starts up OK but shuts down after while, this may indicate there is a problem with the coolant levels.

Fluid leaks

Fuel, coolant or oil leaks are a common problem we often see when asked to repair generators. If you find that your have to keep topping the levels up then this might indicate that there is a leak somewhere. A qualified generator engineer will be able to assess the damage and put the right fixes in place to ensure no more fuel goes to waste.

Bellwood Generators are able to repair a wide range of generators from a variety of manufacturers. If your backup power source is no longer functioning as you believe it should do, you can count on the team here to give you an answer.