If you ever find yourself without electricity, standby generators can be used to restore power. Commercially, you will find that most hospitals, factories and retail environments will have some form of generator to ensure power can be resumed in the event of a power shortage or power cut. Supermarkets and restaurants generally have a standby generator on hand for when they lose power too.

Without a backup generator, businesses can lose a lot of money, food and customer’s too, depending on the circumstance. When power goes down, for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to have a standby generator available, just in case.

One of the many options available for a backup generator is a diesel powered generator. As we receive a lot of questions about diesel generators, we thought we would look into the benefits of why you should use a diesel generator.

So what are the main benefits of a diesel generator?

There are a few solid reasons why you should consider using a diesel powered standby generator, and we have taken the time to look into these below:

standby generators

Convenient Maintenance

Maintenance in the workplace can sometimes be disruptive, but not with diesel generators. Having your generator maintained and serviced is a good idea. Choose and convenient time when both time and money allow it, and Bellwood can service your generator for you. We won’t need to switch off the power, we won’t need you to close your business for the day. We can carry out all maintenance work on diesel standby generators without having an impact on your working day. RESULT!

Tip: Maintaining your generator can save you time and money in the long-run. It can mean you won’t have to fork out on repair work, should your generator break down.

Not as Expensive

Unlike continuous and prime generators, diesel generators don’t require any elaborate features and tend to be cheaper because of this. They run for a much shorter time and ensure running costs are much lower than other types of generators. As a business owner looking to keep costs down and reduce spends, a diesel generator should be considered when looking for an backup power source. Costs can be kept as low as possible and you can stop the worrying.

Natural Cooling

Artificial cooling is often needed with continuous generators to prevent them from overheating. Because standby generators are only used for a short period of time until normal power is resumed, they can cool naturally. Diesel generators are available with cooling units too however, just incase you wish to speed the cooling process up.

No need for Heavy Duty Air Cleaners

Dust can gather on the surface and in the engines of generators over time, which can cause performance problems and have lasting damaging effects. Continuous generators suffer greater because they are exposed to dust for much longer, but diesel standby generators don’t have this problem. They are much easier to maintain and ensure the quality of performance is as high as it should be, should your diesel generator ever be needed.

If you want to avoid losses due to power cuts then purchasing a generator should be something you consider. Bellwood Rewinds offer a comprehensive range of new and used generators suitable for a range of applications, so be sure to go and check them out! If you aren’t sure what you need, why not contact us? We can talk you through your options and help you to make an informed decision.