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With a wide selection of ArcGen generators available to buy online, the Bellwood Rewinds team have you covered from every angle. No matter what ArcGen Generator you are looking for the team at Bellwood Rewinds will be able to help you along the way.

Who Are Arc Gen?

Arc Gen are a British brand for the welder since 1973.

The range of weldmakers are made up of super silent petrol and diesel drivers that are portable and range from 165amps to 500amps. The range of Arc Gen welders are compact, robust and versatile, Arc Gen simply get the job done with current models such as Cobra, Weldmaker, Ecoweld and Powermaker.

Arc Gen Weldmaker

The ArcGen machines have proved to be tough enough to withstand the rigours of the hire market where they are not only exposed to the British climate, but also the tender ministrations of their hirers. They are combined with the compatible power units that are used on site, shipbuilding and petro-chemical industries.

The ArcGen Cobra 5000i Multi Process Inverter, which was recently included in MSM’s range of welders, is a multi-process inverter that will tackle TIG and MIG welding. As well as being available in multiples, the welder is suitable for heavy construction as well as hire. And when you have a Cobra, you also need the Adder – a portable wire feeder unit built into a strong plastic case designed to withstand damp conditions.

To partner the ArcGen welders are the ArcGen Weldmaker Generators. Mounted on trailers and fully featured including auto engine shutdown and quiet operation, they are perfectly matched to ArcGen welders for peak efficiency.

"I have used Bellwood Rewinds for many years to carry out motor and generator repairs, as well as supplying hire generators. I find them very helpful and most of all on time every time even on matters of an urgent nature. I would have no concern with recommending their services to anybody."

- James Simpson

A Range of ArcGen Generators

Weldmaker 330CC/CV

The super silent ArcGen Weldmaker 330CC/CV is a mobile 300amp constant current diesel driven welder generator with constant voltage selection, available skid mounted, on wheelbarrow trolley or road tow trailer. Fully compliant with latest CE and EU standards. Automatic engine start and stop creating unrivalled fuel consumption saving. The Weldmaker 330CC/CV is suitable for the following industries:

  • Hire
  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Gas & Petro Chemical
  • Quarry & Mining
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities

ArcGen Weldmaker 165sp3

The ArcGen Weldmaker 165SP3 is a Network Rail approved petrol driven welder generator with a 30 – 165-amp output that will weld all types of MMA electrode up to 4mm diameter.

A new Yamaha MZ300 electric start petrol engine provides 9 hours continuous use and the silenced operation reduces noise levels to an average 60dB(A) @ 7m, comfortably meeting noise level legislation.

The 165SP3 comes supplied with castor wheels and also provides auxiliary power output of 3.0kVA 110v DC110v for lighting and power tool use.

For ArcGen Generators, Choose Bellwood Rewinds

Chances are you will have heard the name ‘ArcGen’ when searching for Weldmakers. If you are looking for an Arc Gen Generator for whatever reason, we would encourage you to get in touch with Bellwood Rewinds today. We can talk you through your options and point you in the direction of a generator that will serve you well moving forward.

At Bellwood Rewinds we have a range of ArcGen generators for sale and hire. When it comes to purchasing an ArcGen generator, we have the expertise and understanding needed to ensure the new generator you purchase is best for your requirements. Whether that means the best price, availability, fuel consumption, load step acceptance or emissions, we can advise on the best type of new diesel generator that we have for sale.

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Why Choose Bellwood Rewinds?

There are many reasons to purchase an ArcGen generator from Bellwood Rewinds Ltd, so we thought we’d outline a few of them here.


Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for all of our generators to clients in and around the North East. If you’re in need of a new generator on a budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Quality ArcGen Generators

All of the ArcGen generators that we offer throughout the North East are high quality and are capable of not only meeting your needs but exceeding them, time after time.


Expert Team

Our team of experts is able to give you professional advice as to which of our new generators will suit your needs the best.


Reliable Generators

The generators that we supply are truly reliable and are able to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, time after time.

Frequently Asked Questions About ArcGen Generators

What is the Difference Between a Super-Silent and Ultra-Silent ArcGen Generator?
Generators are crucial as power sources on site, whether that site is a major construction project or a music festival. Choosing the appropriate power level will often be the first consideration, but noise levels can be important too, especially at quiet events – such as a wedding ceremony in a marquee – or where noise levels are restricted by law. The terms super silent and ultra-silent refer to different noise levels. As you may know, the intensity of a sound is measured in decibels, which are normally abbreviated dB(A). For example, an ordinary conversation would be about 50 dB, whereas a jet engine could be 120 dB. The decibel ratings of power generators are measured and compared within the industry at a distance of seven metres. Super-silent generators are very quiet, but ultra-silent models are even quieter. We recommend the following Generators: ArcGen Weldmaker 400CC/CV – this is a is a mobile 400amp constant current diesel driven welder generator with constant voltage selection. Welding up to 8.0mm electrodes. Welding and auxiliary outputs can be used simultaneously. Infinitely variable amperage control for precise setting. ArcGen Powermaker 6DV Generator – The Powermaker 6DV is a dual voltage 6kVA super silent diesel generator. Super silent operation at just 62dB(A) @ 7m whilst the water-cooled Kubota diesel engine offers unrivalled performance. Compact & lightweight – available skid mounted, trolley mounted or on fast tow road trailer.
How Does an ArcGen Power Generator Work?
A power generator is a vital piece of site equipment, whether on major construction projects or outdoor events, ensuring a continuous supply of energy. The basic principles of a generator include a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical power by windings that are channelled into power cables, many of our ArcGen models have a diesel or petrol engine to produce the mechanical energy needed to run the generator. If you’d like a more technical insight into how our ArcGen generators work, contact the engineers at Bellwood Rewinds who have the answers and can also advise on our range of power generators.
What Types of ArcGen Power Generators are Available?
Generators are the go-to power source for many situations, with two main types available (single and three-phase generators) depending on the level of power required. Single-phase generators produce a single voltage that alternates continuously. Because the power is generated in one single wave, the level varies throughout its cycle. These varying waves cause the power level to rise and fall throughout the process, although this may not be obvious. Three-phase generators work by producing three separate waves of AC power that operate in a sequence, so there is always a continuous flow of energy and the power level never dips as it does with single-phase generators. It makes them much more powerful.
Why choose Bellwood Rewinds?
When it comes to generators and ArcGen generators, the Bellwood Rewinds team are a renowned professional company who provide a range of ArcGen generators. There are a number of reasons why you should consider the Bellwood Rewinds team as your generator supplier; this includes an extensive range of ArcGen generators that we stock, as well as the fact that they have all been serviced and repaired to the highest standards. We also provide a range of generator types for you to choose from, including systems that are competitively priced. Bellwood Rewinds are a specialist team who can provide you with all the information that you may need. Should you have any questions we have got you covered, for more information on the ArcGen Generators that we offer here at Bellwood Rewinds, please get in touch today.
What are the different types of ArcGen Generators?
There are a selection of ArcGen generators available here at Bellwood Rewinds which includes ArcGen diesel generators, ArcGen Denyo 100Kva generator, ArcGen Denyo 20Kva Generator and ArcGen Denyo 37Kva Rental Spec Generators. For more information or to view ArcGen generators online, visit Bellwood Rewinds today.

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