With Winter in full swing, storms hitting the UK and cold spells across the country, many areas are facing power cuts and power issues.

Businesses are particularly being hit with power shortages from restaurants losing food produce, to offices not being able to use their IT equipment. The effects are causing many businesses to lose money and productivity.

With the storms, flooding and high winds set to continue for the next few months, businesses are turning to generators and back up power supplies to save them from losing out. With onsite generators being installed across the UK, many businesses are seeing their power being immediately restored as the main power connection fails, thanks to the backup generators.

Common Problems Caused by a Power Outage

There are a few common problems that you could face with a power outage, that a generator will help you to prevent from happening;

Communications interrupted

Communications often rely on landlines and emails within many businesses in the UK. Any sort of power outage could mean a loss of emails, incoming and outgoing. It could also mean your employees not being able to communicate internally with each other to keep projects on the go. External communications with current customers, potential new customers and stakeholders could also be interrupted, resulting in customers not making enquiries or sales, stakeholders not getting updates and more.

Internal systems halted

Internal systems could be brought to a halt. If your employees can’t turn on their computers, access the databases or manage stock levels, your business will not function as it should.

This could result in your business being forced to close whilst the power is out. Facing this kind of issue thank to a power outage, will also cause a backlog when the systems are back up and running. This could mean an even greater loss of productivity as your employees take time out to work through the backlog before getting back to their regular working day.

Whilst systems are down, you may face a loss of data too. Depending on your business will depend on the type of data you lose such as sales data, or stock data.

Productivity and motivation take a turn for the worst

Leading on from points already mentioned, the lack of productivity is potentially the biggest problem to deal with. Employees will not be able to carry out their jobs. Whilst many business owners will often say ‘there is always something to do’, their abilities to carry out offline tasks will only be short-lived for those businesses before they need to access emails, phone lines, sales/ops/admin softwares and databases. Paying staff that are not able to be productive and generate income will ultimately affect your overall profits and revenue. Facing multiple power cuts will ultimately affect your annual profits and incomes.

Manufacturing will cease

It comes as no surprise that without power, machinery cannot operate. If you’re a manufacturing business, you will most likely have daily, weekly and monthly manufacturing targets to hit for your clients. Facing a power outage here could not only result in a lack of product being made but also customer relationships and maybe even a loss of customers.

A haunt in manufacturing could mean you having to turn down orders, and a huge backlog when the power comes back on. Further affecting productivity and revenues.

Back-up generators and power systems to avoid losing money

All of the reasons listed above are enough to prove that every business in the UK will see the benefits from investing in a back-up generator for their business.

There are a number of steps you could take to prevent your business from facing issues such as these during your next local power cut. The main and most beneficial measure is to install a back-up generator that is powerful enough to power your business. Depending on the industry you operate in and the size of your business, you will require a particular strength when it comes to another power source.

A back-up generator such as a diesel generator, will immediately kick into power when you face a power outage, meaning you will not face that dreaded down time and loss of money and productivity.

Generators will also come in handy for those times that your local electricity networks have planned maintenance. You are able to get alerts on when these are scheduled, meaning your will be able to schedule the switch to your generator, again avoiding the business coming to a halt.

Generator Maintenance.

Installing a generator on a permanent basis at your company base, is a very practical and beneficial action to take to keep your business up and running. However it is important to maintain any generator you have on a long term basis. Hiring a professional engineer to service your generator on a regular basis is a must. You may be able to agree a servicing agreement with the provider of your generator.

Although this may seem like an unnecessary cost to your business, the long term benefits far outweigh the short term costs.

For those businesses that require the more powerful of generators available, we highly recommend diesel as your choice of generator. There are 4 types of generator available, but diesel is the most beneficial thanks to being more fuel efficient and practical in terms of mechanics and the power generated.

Our range of generators is vast and includes both new and used generators. Both of which are reliable and high performing thanks to our own generator servicing and repairs. Our experts take pride in their work and carry out every service or repair to the highest level. We work with many businesses across the UK to ensure they have a back up source of power on their premises.

Are you prepared for a power outage?

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