It can be costly buying a generator but buying a used generator can have several advantages. Pre-owned generators have several advantages, they are often the most cost-effective way of fulfilling, both small and large companies’ requirements.

However, there are certain things to consider when purchasing a used diesel generator, first and foremost you need to calculate your power requirements. When that has been decided you will need to consider several different factors before making your choice;

  • Age
  • History
  • Usage (prime, standby or emergency)
  • Manufacture
  • Any damage/ wear and tear
  • Load test results

When purchasing a used generator, it is important to see how many hours the generator has previously used. A generator has an odometer which records the hours of usage, it goes without saying a low hour generator is a better option although other features should be taken into consideration. If possible it’s a good idea to find out what the generator was used for previously, as a rule generators that have been used as a standby or emergency power supply will have less hours on their odometer and better maintenance records than one that has been a primary power source.

Sometimes this information isn’t always accessible, fret not as we can advise you, using our technical knowledge and experience, on the condition and probable prior usage of the machine. It is in our best nature to test and fix anything necessary to ensure all used generators are in the best condition possible.

Another extremely important decision in your process is choosing the manufacturer. Generators are an expensive investment to be used to fulfil a specific essential purpose that you will come to rely on. Here at Bellwood Rewinds we can advise you on which manufacturer may be more suitable to your requirements.

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