For all you might hate being confined to a hospital bed, you have to appreciate the fact there is electricity, hot water, heating, TV and a warm bed to sleep in. Spare a second to think about how bad things would be if the electricity was to cut out during your next visit to a hospital. Catastrophic, boring, stressful, dangerous… these are all words that spring to mind!

Backup Generators for Hospitals

Let’s assume you’re recovering from a nasty illness, you have just undergone surgery or you have been in some sort of accident and you are now waiting in A&E to be seen to. Now let’s assume the power goes down, leaving hundreds of patients in the darkness, including yourself. This is exactly what might happen if hospital owners were to neglect backup power and be naive enough to think that the power wouldn’t go down. If this were to happen, thousands of lives would be in danger!

A recent case study in April 2015 indicates a power outage throughout Washington DC and the local towns within. Hospitals, government buildings, emergency response centre’s and other critical services were able to resume business as usual, thanks to emergency diesel generators; an invaluable purchase which springs into action whenever the power goes down. Thankfully, no patients suffered as the hospital kept running as normal and power remained on.

No need to PANIC!

When the national grid stops working for whatever reason, diesel backup generators are the obvious choice. Once switched on, your generator can keep running until the grid is back up and running again.

In emergency environments, time is precious, so every second counts. If the electric fails for whatever reason, it’s vitally important that a plan B procedure is in place to keep power running. Diesel powered generators are certainly a perfect option for helping to make sure you always have power. Using an independent fuel source, they are capable for handling heavy work loads and can be used as a backup power source for as long as you need it.

Diesel Generators are Designed to Keep Power Running

Diesel generators that are modern are quiet, reliable and operate with a great fuel efficiency, making them perfect for hospital and emergency medical centres that need to save money on unforeseen expenditure. They will turn on silent should power go down and will remain poised for action in case their services are needed at any point.

The previous case study of the power outage in Washington is a perfect example of how valuable a backup power source can be in the event on a power outage. Weather was the cause of the outage as it turned out, and could have been a big killer if certain patients were left without electricity for too long.

Things to Think About

The reality of the Washington case study is that power outages can occur at anytime, anywhere, without warning. Although it was a superstorm that caused the blackout, what’s to say an event like this can’t happen in the UK? Bouts of bad weather can often mean added pressure on the national grid, which can in turn lead to a temporary black out. When this happens, you’ll be glad that you purchased a backup generator to return your power within seconds.

Over the years, countless medical facilities have been supported by generators and the backup power source they provide. In the vent of a power outage, you’ll be thankful that you have a generator you can call upon during critical times.

If you have any questions regarding diesel generators and the different options available, be sure to get in touch. When speaking strictly about backup power sources for medical facilities such as hospitals, Bellwood Generators will have a solution here to suit your needs.