When it comes to gas generators, at Bellwood Rewinds, we offer a range of practical and cost-effective gas generators. They are a great alternative to pressurised gas cylinders, dewars or bulk storage or laboratory gas. These traditional sources of gas all involve on-going deliveries, administrative and rental costs which can affect revenue or facility budgets.

One of our generators will ensure you receive a dependable, easy to use, on demand gas solution without any safety problems or concerns. The price of delivered gas is unstable and fluctuates, the risk of delivery delays can also cause problems, so with Bellwood Rewinds, you really are choosing the stable and dependable long-term investment.

The benefits of our new generators…

    • Convenience – gas-on-demand, no cylinders to change, maintainable stock supplies.
    • Consistency – consistent gas quality and supply, no impurities or chance of running out.
    • Economy – stops the on-going costs of cylinders and manages lifetime running costs.
    • Safety – no risk of having pressurised and compressed cylinders.
    • Green – energy efficient as there’s no repeat gas deliveries.
    • Protection – comprehensive on-site warranty and service contracts.

Gas generator

Gas generators are convenient, they produce gas on demand with consistent purity. They’re compact and stackable with the ability to provide a number of different gases. Once the system has been fully installed it will only need maintenance occasionally.

Gas generators are a great return on investment, due to their low ongoing costs and 24/7 has production operations.

This option is very safe due to its minimal gas storage volume and low pressure storage.

They also have low impact on the environment as they’re energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint.

Gas cylinder

Cylinders need monitoring to ensure they don’t run out of gas, they’re also difficult to maneuver and need frequent handling. Large cylinders or dewars tend to take up a lot of space, meaning valuable work space is used up. Depending on the usage the cylinders may need frequent change overs.

The purity from a gas cylinder is less consistent to that of a generator, the cost of deliveries and rental costs can add up meaning they’re less cost efficient. These cylinders require changeovers which can mean there’s a lot of downtime, there’s also the risk that they’ll run out at inconvenient times.

Gas cylinders can pose a health and safety risk due to dangers when transporting and handling them. There’s also a risk of pipework leaks from cylinder banks, due to the gas being stored at high pressures in large volumes.

To ensure the compression and purification of the gas it uses a lot of energy.

Gas generators from Bellwood Rewinds

At Bellwood Rewinds we offer a range of new gas generators available to buy online, the Bellwood Rewinds team have you covered from every angle. Whether you are looking for new generators of around 10Kva, 20Kva, 50Kva, 100Kva, 250Kva or 500Kva we will be able to help you along the way.

Simply call our team today and we can discuss the different options available to you, as well as options for finance packages. If you are looking for new generators, be sure to browse through our product range below and find a new generator to suit your needs.