Over the years we’ve heard just about all there is to hear regarding diesel generators and generators on a whole. Some of the things we’ve heard are true and some aren’t so true, so with that said, we thought we’d take the time to clear up any confusion and put to bed any doubt in your mind.

False ‘Facts about Generators’

We have outlined the things we hear the most about diesel generators that aren’t true below.

‘They’re not very reliable’

People seem to think that diesel generators, whether hired or purchased, break down all the time. They splutter to start, need to be repaired all the time or come with faulty parts. Word of mouth has spread like wildfire to create an inaccurate rumour which paints generator suppliers, such as ourselves, in a bad light.

Any company that cares about its customers will always take the time to check all generators and parts to ensure they are fully functioning and ready to be used as a backup power source. Latest specifications should always be at the forefront (especially when hiring) and low mileage on the clock. If you have had a bad experience when hiring or purchasing a diesel powered generator, it’s probably best to blame the company, not the generator!

‘They are bad for the environment’

This might be a slightly outdated rumour, but every now and then it still pokes its ugly head up to say hello.

The latest diesel powered generators are manufactured to be friendly to the environment, so that means cleaner emissions without the smelly, smoky attributes. They are predictable, economical and still deliver a reliable power output.

‘They’re so noisy though’

Modern diesel powered generators can barely be heard and are extremely quiet. They won’t disrupt your workplace or have a negative effect on productivity, they will do what they need to do without the noise pollution associated with old diesel generators of old.

‘They take up so much space’

Modern generators are surprisingly compact, are portable and easy to transport. They have a relatively small footprint, taking up far less room on-site than older models from decades ago.

If you have heard any of these rumours or still believe them yourself, it’s best to do some research and catch up with the times. Take the time to learn about modern diesel powered generators and you will soon seen that the above statements are actually a load of twoddle.