Darlington Hiab lorry hire
from Bellwood Rewinds

HIAB Hire From Bellwood Rewinds

For your HIAB crane specialist project, you should choose the team here Bellwood Rewinds. We take excellent care of our HIAB lorries and provide an unparalleled level of customer service to our clients.

We are regularly on the sites of our customers simply for the use of the HIAB and we often find that customers want us to carry out one lift but are stuck with minimum half-day or even full-day hires off of large mobile crane companies. Something that we feel sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we can visit your site and complete the job within the hour and from the moment the vehicle comes to a halt, we can have it rigged up and working and carry out a full risk-assessment within ten minutes.
The HIAB lorry that we offer for hire can lift 3900Kg’s at 4.5M from the centre of the vehicle, dropping to 2850Kg from 8M and 1700Kg from 9.7M (for more info, please see our lifting chart).

A Little About Us

Here at Bellwood Rewinds, we own and operate a Volvo 26ton rigid LGV with a fitted lorry loader crane, commonly known as a HIAB. We offer HIAB lorry mounted crane lorries for rental in Darlington and our HIAB lorry can be hired with a driver/operator for general haulage work; we will collect your goods and deliver to any address for you to offload, or we can utilise the crane and load/unload ourselves to ensure minimum inconvenience for our customer.

Bellwood Rewinds Limited was founded in Hartlepool by Charles Bellwood who has more than 20 years experience in the generator and HIAB hire industry, meaning that our small family of workers have the experience needed to provide the best possible HIAB lorry hire services to our customers. If you are looking for HIAB hire in Darlington, look no further than Bellwood Rewinds Limited. Call us today to rent a crane lorry for your project.

"Spot on HIAB service used them for years and never let us down on price or performance. Always on hand to help!"

- James Kirkup

Safety Precautions

At Bellwood Rewinds Limited, we take every safety precaution possible, ensuring that we carefully plan our lifting operations. We have an extensive range of crane lorries for hire, and we guarantee that we will have one perfectly suited to your project.

When you rent a HIAB lorry from us, we understand that you are making an important decision about your and it is not one that should be taken lightly. Safety is our main priority, which is why we do everything possible to provide only the safest HIAB lorry hire services to our clients in Darlington.

About Hiab Hire Darlington

HIAB offers top-of-the-line cranes and lorries; their on-road load-handling tools include cranes with great light capacity to larger cranes that can handle more weight and have further reach. There are many different crane options available as part of the HIAB range and our team will help you to determine the best HIAB crane or lorry for your particular project.

HIAB offers the best that the crane lorry industry has to offer; their top-of-the-line HIAB trucks offer features that put safety and precision first, such as like semi-automatic folding (SAF), load stability system (LSS-V), and crane-tip control (CTC).

Some vehicles, such as our HIAB lorry for hire, are fitted with a “cheese wedge” body, which unfolds hydraulically to create a 10-foot ramp to enable wheeled or tracked vehicles to be driven on (it’s a very versatile vehicle).

From high-end control systems to the best safety features, you can count on us to take your project to the next level when you hire our HIAB truck.

Hiab Lorry Truck Sizes

Small Cranes

Crane trucks that are small and lightweight are perfect for specific projects. The HIAB XS 033 range, for example, performs at a high level and these cranes have the versatility to handle several types of projects due to their capacity range. This range of cranes operate on the powerful and renowned Duo and HiDuo control systems.

Medium Cranes

Mid-range cranes are an excellent choice for projects that require lifting up to 22ton/metre. HIAB has many choices of medium HIAB trucks, including the HIAB X-HiPro 262, 292, 228, 232, and the X-HiDuo 298. These cranes offer full outreach of up to 21 meters and a high-tensile construction which makes them durable and able to manage heavy loads. They are also safe and responsive due to their remote controls.

Large Cranes

HIAB makes a wide range of large-capacity cranes, which can handle weights of up to 90ton/metre. For example, the HIAB X-HiPro 638 crane is versatile and durable with a long reach, allowing you to move heavy objects vertically, up to 36.5 meters. This crane is made for working with materials that are bulky and heavy, allowing you to complete various tasks much faster than usual and reaching locations which are typically difficult to reach.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why you should choose Bellwood Rewinds for hiab hire. We have listed a few of these below:


Reliable Crane Truck Hire

Our Volvo hiab crane lorry is extremely well maintained and serviced to make sure it meets the high standards we set for our customer 24 hours a day.


Qualified Drivers

Our team have years of driving and HIAB rental experience meaning no matter how challenging your lift will be our team can deliver on time and safely.


Competitive Crane Lorry Hire Prices

Our pricing is based on the job in hand and charged at a fair and competitive rate nationwide. Experience, quality, and safety all at an affordable hiab hire price.


Expert advice

Unsure of how long the job will take? the complexities of your lift or if our hiab can accommodate? Give us a call today to speak to one of our many experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Concerns? Don’t Worry!
In the last 18 years, 61 accidents involving cranes have occurred. 9 of these have been fatal and 25 of them have resulted in serious injury. When we rent HIAB vehicles to our customers, including HIAB lorry mounted cranes and mobile cranes, ensuring the safety of our customers is paramount to us. Whether you need mobile cranes, a HIAB truck hire, or HIAB lorry and driver hire, we’re here to help. Our team regularly inspect our fleet of HIAB crane lorries to ensure that they are in proper working order for your projects and our workers are competent and skilful at applying modern laws and regulations regarding HIAB services. We keep your project managed, ensuring that anyone who uses the HIAB crane is competently trained and carries ALLMI qualification cards; don’t worry, your project will always be carried out in a secure and safe manner. Our Volvo HIAB lorry is also equipped with a large array of lifting tackle including chains, slings and shackles, all of which are certified with certificates held on the vehicle. HIAB cranes are also made to be safe. They have unique features like semi-automatic folding (SAF), load stability system (LSS-V), and crane-tip control (CTC), which allow for maximum strength and precision and set them apart from other brands. Why not read some of the HSE guides on lifting equipment and safe use of cranes
How Much Is HIAB Hire Near Me?
Prices for our HIAB hire services may vary depending on the project and the length of time that the vehicle is needed to be hired for. If you are looking for a direct quote to hire one of our HIAB lorries in Darlington or throughout the UK, feel free to contact our expert team. We will happily discuss your requirements and provide a price for our HIAB rental services.
What is the maximum payload of your hiab crane lorry?
If you want to hire our Volvo rigid LGV HIAB truck, it has a maximum payload of 10500Kg and can go anywhere in the country due to its “sleeper cab”. We operate a standard goods operators license so can carry goods for hire and reward throughout the UK. We are members of the RHA (Road Haulage Association) and, as such, all of our haulage is carried out to their terms and conditions of carriage (copies available on request). Do you have a particularly valuable item and require special insurance values? If so, this can be catered for.

HIAB Truck Hire From Bellwood Rewinds

If you are interested in the modern fleet of HIAB lorries that we offer for hire from our base in Darlington, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. We pride ourselves on the HIAB lorry mounted cranes that we offer, and the level of customer service that we provide alongside our mobile cranes; we always aim to go further for our customers and never settle for providing anything less than the best possible service. When you call us, our expert team will discuss your project with you to help you to determine the vehicle that will best suit your needs and requirements, and help you reach new heights in your work. We’d be more than happy to take your call and discuss the HIAB vehicles that we offer in length.

Note: Our HIAB vehicles are available for hire 24 hours a day throughout the following locations + surrounding areas

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead, South Shields, Tynemouth, Washington, Middlesbrough, Darlington.