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From small, petrol, portable generators through to larger, standby, diesel generators, Hyundai offers a range of products for different needs. Generators for the home, for leisure, for construction/industrial/trade, can all be purchased from Hyundai.

Why Choose Hyundai Generators?

If you are looking for a brand you can trust, Hyundai is up there with the best of the best. As one of the best-known brands for cars and other automotive-related products, it’s easy to see why Hyundai is one of the preferred choices among people looking for power equipment they can trust to perform.

Hyundai is often referred to in the auto industry as ‘bullet proof’, with their generators the following suit. In the industrial sector, your Hyundai generator will provide instant power for drills, saws and other power-needing equipment, providing you with peace of mind when you need a job doing right the first time.

Generators for home and commercial backup are also on offer, with a range of quality, affordable solutions available to aid users in the event of a power cut. Providing you choose a system with an auto transfer switch (ATS), you won’t even know your power has gone down. Your backup generator will kick seamlessly into action, keeping your power going while the rest of the street suffers from a lack of electricity.

An Innovative Brand

Hyundai pride itself on providing quality generators at competitive prices. As a company, they aim to reach the highest standards possible, practising what they preach every day with the way they go about their business.

In recent years, Hyundai has been one of the fastest-growing brands when it comes to generators and other power equipment. Already a reputable and recognised brand in the motoring world, Hyundai has gone on to achieve more with their power equipment range, offering a wide range of products for various applications.

"I have used Bellwood Rewinds for many years to carry out motor and generator repairs, as well as supplying hire generators. I find them very helpful and most of all on time every time even on matters of an urgent nature. I would have no concern with recommending their services to anybody."

- James Simpson

Hyundai Inverter Generator Range

The Hyundai Inverter generators are a great alternative to more expensive generators that might cost three times the price; especially if you’re an occasional user. The designs are modern and look professional in use, so we all know it’s important! We have sold many of these for leisure uses like track days or mobile valeting companies- even events catering to.

Hyundai Petrol Generators & Diesel Generators

The mid-range of 5 to 10kVA is a choice of petrol or diesel generators. The HY10000LEK-ii unit is the largest petrol open framed unit and is great for; mobile mechanics, mobile workshops, construction sites etc. If you are looking for diesel then the two portable Hyundai Diesel Generators are; the DHY6000SE and the DHY8000SELR. They are much more economical for running for longer periods than the petrol generators. The DHY8000SELR has a 30-litre tank so will run for about 3 days on a single tank of red diesel.

Looking for a Hyundai Generator?

If you are specifically looking online for a new generator to replace an old generator or because you have heard good things about the brand, please take the time to contact Bellwood Generators today.

One of our expert team can talk you through your different options for a new generator and point you in the direction of a generator that will provide you with trustworthy power for many years to come.

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Why Choose Bellwood Rewinds?

There are many reasons to purchase a Hyundai generator from Bellwood Rewinds Ltd, so we thought we’d outline a few of them here.


Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for all of our generators to clients in and around the North East. If you’re in need of a new generator on a budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Quality Hyundai Generators

All of the Hyundai generators that we offer throughout the North East are high quality and are capable of not only meeting your needs but exceeding them, time after time.


Expert Team

Our team of experts is able to give you professional advice as to which of our new generators will suit your needs the best.


Reliable Generators

The generators that we supply are truly reliable and are able to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, time after time.

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We offer a range of new generators with a number of low and high powered options to choose from. When you are looking to buy a generator be sure to browse our range of new generators for sale online today alternatively if you have a Hyundai generator for sale, we can also buy this.