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MHM: Specialist Suppliers

MHM are a national & global rehire and resale specialist of new and quality used generators, lighting towers, engine driven welders, hybrid technology & product related accessories.

The MHM Company was formed and founded by a British and Italian team offering over 100 years of experience in the supply and production of industry suited products, with the advantageous knowledge and understanding of the various needs and requirements for the rental industry.

Who are MHM?

MHM’s philosophy is simple, serve the customer the right product, at the right time, in a way that suits them. You’ll be confident to know that our companies can do and will do attitude will not fail to meet any of your requirements.

All MHM Generators are manufactured in a purposely built Tekno Proget factory based a short distance from Milan, Italy. The 540,000sq ft/50,170m2 factory can hold large quantities of a product efficiently and quickly to a high industry standard, whether it be our standard product range of product, or a special custom bespoke request.

Why Use MHM Generators?

These days businesses tend to rely so much on power, should a firm experience a power outage or a similar issue, it can result in a loss of thousands of pounds in revenue. One of the things that can be put into place to make sure that a business is protected is a standby power generator, MHM Generators can provide this as well as a generator that comes with an automatic changeover switch.

Just like business insurance, that is essential for most companies, a generator is a way of guaranteeing that your business can carry on as normal should the power go out, there’ll be no need to worry about pausing production lines and suspending operations, your MHM backup generator will kick in and nothing will be lost. Like insurance, you hope that you never need to use it, but should the worst happen, an MHM Generator is essential for your business.

"I have used Bellwood Rewinds for many years to carry out motor and generator repairs, as well as supplying hire generators. I find them very helpful and most of all on time every time even on matters of an urgent nature. I would have no concern with recommending their services to anybody."

- James Simpson

For MHM Generators, Contact Bellwood Rewinds Today

Chances are you will have heard the name ‘MHM’ when searching for generators. If you are looking for an MHM Generator for whatever reason, we would encourage you to get in touch with Bellwood Rewinds today. We can talk you through your options and point you in the direction of a generator that will serve you well moving forward.

At Bellwood Rewinds we have a range of MHM generators for sale and hire. When it comes to purchasing an MHM generator, we have the expertise and understanding needed to ensure the new generator you purchase is best for your requirements. Whether that means the best price, availability, fuel consumption, load step acceptance or emissions, we can advise on the best type of new diesel generator that we have for sale.

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If you seek any further information about our company or our sales and repair services, please visit our Help and Advice page.

A Range of MHM Generators

MHM is the market innovator of Power Generation equipment and accessories for the following business industries:

  • Rental/Hire
  • Argicultrural
  • Electrical
  • Rail
  • Pipeline
  • Quarry
  • MOD Sectors

The range of MHM diesel and petrol generators are built to the highest quality and have a well-earned reputation across not only the UK but the globe for their reliability, for a number of years the MHM Generators have shown a consistent commitment to providing excellent customer service and a dedicated attitude to meeting customer specifications. With MHM you can find a range of spare parts and can be repaired and maintained with ease.

Hybrid Power Technology

Manage your power with MHM’s range of PowerBank Hybrid Generators. The MHM Hybrid Generator and Battery Pack ranges are innovative, cost-effective and deliver environmental benefits – the ideal solution for the harsh and increasingly demanding UK rental and construction industry.

Not only do MHM supply generators but a range of other products too including:

  • Lighting Towers – The largest range of rental specification Lighting Towers available in the market. When looking for robust, portable or towable mobile lighting towers, look further than MHM’s lighting towers.
  • Generators – When looking for good quality, robust, well-engineered petrol or diesel generators look no further than the MHM Gen range of Power Generation equipment.
  • Engine Driven Welders – Specialist UK rental specification Petrol & Diesel Engine Driven Welders. Our 175–600A petrol and diesel welder generator range is a perfect solution for many power and welding applications.

Why Choose Bellwood Rewinds?

There are many reasons to purchase an MHM generator from Bellwood Rewinds Ltd, so we thought we’d outline a few of them here.


Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for all of our generators to clients in and around the North East. If you’re in need of a new generator on a budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Quality MHM Generators

All of the MHM generators that we offer throughout the North East are high quality and are capable of not only meeting your needs but exceeding them, time after time.


Expert Team

Our team of experts is able to give you professional advice as to which of our new generators will suit your needs the best.


Reliable Generators

The generators that we supply are truly reliable and are able to not only meet your expectations but exceed them, time after time.

Shop MHM Generators

We offer a range of new generators with a number of low and high powered options to choose from. When you are looking to buy a MHM generator or sell your MHM generator be sure to browse our range of new generators for sale online today.