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Motor repairs spare parts from Bellwood Rewinds

Bellwood Rewinds Ltd have you covered when it comes to finding spare parts for your motor(s) and diesel generators. We always stock a great range of items to ensure that, should your motor cease to function, we have the goods here to bring it back to life.

Our job is to ensure your motor is as good as it can be, and can work as effectively as possible, for as long as possible. By replacing worn out components with new ones, we can achieve this.

As a team of experienced engineers with a high level of training combined, we are quick to diagnose any motor problems, and will always have the spare parts available in order to fix them.

Whether you are based in the North East, or slightly further afield, Bellwood Rewinds Ltd are able to deliver spare parts to you, or your can bring your motor to us for repair. Either way, we believe we should be your first port of call when looking for spare parts for your motor.

"When looking on Google for motor repair parts I came across Bellwood. Spot on service used them for years ever since. Always on hand to help!"

- James Kirkup

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need spare parts?
No matter the make, model or manufacturer, most generators are going to need some sort of repair. Ensuring that you have the correct parts to carry out vital repairs can be the difference between routine maintenance and a full system shutdown. Ensure that you are stocked and prepared for any faults.
What parts do I need?
Knowing exactly which parts are needed is of vital importance to successfully repairing any damaged or faulty generators. First, you must identify which part needs replacing, then you need to find the corresponding part for the exact make and model of your generator. Our dedicated team use a parts identification system and an advanced ordering system to get you the right part when you need it most.
Why are generator parts so important?
To keep your systems up and running, original spare parts are needed to maintain your generator. Our quality OEM parts, from air filters to complete engine or alternator replacements, keep your generators running for longer. These parts are also covered by a warranty to give you even more longevity out of your generator.

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If you’re in need of spare parts to repair a motor, then be sure to get in touch with Bellwood Rewinds. We stock a range of parts and our expert team are always on hand to provide advice and guidance. All of the parts we offer are of a high quality to ensure the replacement is just as good as the original. No matter what type of motor you might have, we have many different spare parts available. Get in touch today and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.