Teksan TJ205DW5A New 185Kva Generator



  • 185Kva 400V prime power/ 205Kva 400V Standby power rating three phase
  • Doosan engine, Marelli alternator and Deep Sea control panel
  • Compact design
  • Every generator set is subject to a comprehensive test program which includes full load testing, checking and provision of all control and safety shut down functions testing
  • 5-7 days delivery
  • 24 months/ 1000 hours warranty
  • Machine will produce 296 amps standby
  • Call our sales team on 01429 264097 for more information on this machine


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In Teksan generator sets, leading engine brands that have state of the art technology and have compliance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514, DIN 6271 standards, are being used. These engines with low fuel consumption, provide accurate speed setting and order, mount to the fuel pump, also have mechanic or electronic type governors.
In products Teksan produced, leading alternator brands of the world that have state of the art technology, high quality, productivity and durability, are being used. All alternators, which pass necessary test process and found appropriate according to EC 60034-1; CEI EN 60034-1; BS 4999-5000; VDE 0530, NF 51- 100,111; OVE M-10, NEMA MG 1.22. standards, have bearing system that does not need maintenance, with electronic type voltage regulator providing voltage setting.
Control Panel:
Standard control panel, that is used in Teksan generator sets, ensures comfortable and safe usage. All measured and statistical parameters, operating modes, notice and alarms and condition of generator, are monitored easily from the control panel. On the front of the panel’s metal body has electronic control module and the emergency stop button and the panel’s metal body is made of steel sheet and is painted with electrostatic powder paint. Teksan offers panel design and solutions that comply with special requirements of customers as well as quality standard panels.
Chassis and Fuel Tank:
Chassis is manufactured from steel that has features and durability for carrying burden of generator set. Thanks to its rigid structural design and anti-vibration mounts, it reduces vibration level to minimum. All chassis contain lifting lugs. Apart from chassis’ that are produced by Teksan, special solutions that design in accordance with customer desires, make transportation and positioning easier. In less than 1600 kVA power generator sets, fuel tank is produced integral to the chassis. In more than 1600 kVA power generator sets, rectangular type fuel tank is provided with generator set separately. In all types of fuel tank there is a level and indicator.

Cooling System:
System, that consists of quality industrial – type radiator, expansion tank and cooler fan, keeps the temperature of generator set’s equipment constant and at a proper level.



  • Condition: NEW
  • Make: TEKSAN
  • Engine: P086TI
  • Phase: 3
  • Voltage: 400/230
  • Year: 2017
  • Prime kVA: 185
  • Standby kVA: 205
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Start type: Manual/ Auto
  • Run Hours:0