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What To Do When The Power Fails

What do you do when the power fails? Are you a traditionalist that relies on candles and for the power to come back on or are you prepared so you can continue life as usual without interruption. Having a back-up power supply means you don’t need to worry about losing access to the internet or your freezer defrosting.

Power Cuts Affect Everyone

The electrical grid serves everybody, from homeowners to farms, meaning we are all at risk of suffering from a power cut. Whilst power cuts are usually quite uncommon in built up areas, they can have a detrimental affect; especially on businesses. People living in rural areas and on farms are likely to suffer from power cuts.

Understanding how the power grid works and and the factors that contribute to power cuts will help you to make a more informed decision about whether you need a backup power supply or not. The basis of the electrical grid are:

  • Power Generation – Large generators produce high voltage electricity, these generators can be steam driven by fossil fuels or nuclear power or water driven by dams and rivers.
  • High Voltage Lines – The high voltage is then transmitted through these lines to substations.
  • Sub-Stations – Substations receive high voltage from power plants and then step down the voltage using transformers.
  • Poles and Transformers – The transformers then receive the voltage from the substation and step it down again for residential use.
  • Industry Substations – Some factories and larger industries have dedicated substations. These substations can step-down the high voltage to various different levels dependent of the industries requirements.

This type of structure is often referred to as an electrical infrastructure. Each part of this infrastructure is part of a chain, and if a part of the link is broken then the system will fail.

A Proactive Approach To Power Cuts

There a re a number of things that can cause power cuts. Both nature and human error can cause the electrical grid to fail. No matter what the cause might be, the result is the same when one part of the grid fails you’ll be left with no power. Isolated damage caused by the weather can be repaired quite quickly or rerouted to avoid disruption. However, substation failures or line damage can have much longer repair times, meaning you’ll be left without power for much longer.

Be Prepared With A Backup Generator

It’s impossible to tell when a power cut is going to happen. So one of the best defences against a power cut is to be prepared with a backup generator. One of the best backup power options for both individuals and businesses to use is a diesel generator. Medical facilities, farms and catering facilities will usually have emergency power ready to kick in, should the mains electricity fail. If you think you mightn’t need one that often then a used one, can provided a much more cost-effective backup generator option.

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