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Calling all SUPERMARKETS, Standby Generators are a MUST-HAVE

All over the world, standby generators can be found hiding in commercial properties, waiting for their moment to shine. In the unfortunate event of a power cut, the standby generator will kick in and normal power will be resumed.

The Types (and Features) Of Generators Used On Construction Sites

The answer to this question is simple: any construction activity needs electricity to power the wide range of machinery and equipment that is being used. The majority of the time, the construction workers cannot tap into the local electricity supply as they are in remote areas where the grid supply doesn’t reach, or the grid is not able to supply the required power continuously.

4 Ways You’re Losing Power by not Utilising a Standby Generator

Power outages can have a more detrimental effect on your business that you may think, especially when it comes to losing money. Research has shown that 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience over 1.5 hours of downtime a week, meaning £30.4m being lost each year.