Best ways to take care of your diesel generator

Diesel generators are the workhorses of modern life. They provide power for businesses, hospitals, schools, and other vital services. Diesel generator aftercare is essential to keep your diesel generator running properly because neglecting the maintenance will lead to expensive repairs or even total failure of your generator. Diesel generators can last up to ten years if they are properly maintained with regular service checks; this blog will reveal all the essential factors to maximise the function and lifespan of your Diesel Generator. It is important to remember that all generators must be regularly serviced and repaired when needed. 

Regular service checks

Diesel generators are like cars; they need regular service checks to keep them running at their optimum performance. Diesel generators wear out over time, and without maintenance, the life span of your generator will be reduced dramatically.

Regular oil changes

Diesel fuel is a very dirty substance by nature; it contains all kinds of contaminants which accumulate inside an engine; if not removed regularly, they will form sludge inside the engine which can cause damage to your Diesel Generator.

Regular filter changes

Diesel generators have a lot of filters, which ensure that clean fuel is delivered into the Diesel engines and exhaust fumes are correctly filtered before being discharged to the atmosphere. Without these filters, your diesel generator would not function efficiently.

Use quality diesel fuel.

Diesel generators are very sensitive to poor quality diesel fuels, which contain higher concentrations of Sulphur. Diesel generators that run on low sulphur fuel can function for up to 20 years, and if you use the high-sulphur fuel, they will last around five years.

Regular testing

Diesel Generators should be tested regularly by a qualified Diesel Generator service technician to make sure that they are generating enough power and, at the same time, not causing any damage to themselves. Diesel generators require a high amount of maintenance which can be challenging for an inexperienced Diesel Generator owner to perform; this is why it’s best left up to Diesel Generator technicians with years of experience working on diesel generators.

All these Diesel Generator aftercare procedures will help to ensure that Diesel generators last for many years. Diesel Generators are the best form of backup power supply because they can easily be switched on within seconds and provide enough electricity to keep your business up and running during a blackout or any other power failure. In order to ensure your generator is running as economically as possible, regular testing is essential. 

Diesel generator servicing is essential.

Diesel generator servicing is not a difficult task; Diesel Generator technicians have been performing Diesel generator servicing for many years and know the best Diesel Generator aftercare procedures to keep a diesel generator in perfect working condition. It is important when hiring a generator to ensure they have been well maintained by the provided. Here at Bellwood Rewind, we ensure that all our generators are maintained to the highest standard. 

Diesel generators are susceptible machines that require high-quality maintenance, which is why it’s best to leave all Diesel Generator service work up to Diesel Generators experts that have plenty of servicing experience.

Diesel generator aftercare is essential to ensure the life of Diesel generators and their continued proper functioning; without regular generator servicing, you can expect your generators to break down at any time, which will leave your business in a bad state. People who own diesel generators must understand how Diesel generators work and know the Diesel Generator service procedures necessary to perform at their optimum.

Diesel generator manufacturers recommend service work every year; however if you use your generator frequently, it’s best to have them serviced twice a year because this will help keep your device in excellent condition and improve its performance.

12 common mistakes people make when caring for their Diesel generator

Many people make mistakes when they have newly acquired a diesel generator; below, we have listed the main 12 mistakes so you can avoid making them and keep diesel generators in perfect working condition.

  1. Don’t use diesel fuel that has been stored for more than one year
  2. Keep the generator in a well-ventilated area
  3. Never run your diesel generator without proper cooling or ventilation 
  4. Always have someone nearby to help with refuelling if you are not able to do it yourself 
  5. Make sure the machine is off  before you start refuelling
  6. Diesel generators are not designed to be stored outside
  7. It is essential to keep the fuel tank at least half full, but no more than 2/3 full
  8. If you have a generator that has an automatic shutdown feature, make sure it is turned on
  9. Keep your generator away from water and moisture – this includes rainwater 
  10. Be careful when refuelling your generator – don’t spill any fuel or oil on the ground 
  11. Always wear gloves when working with diesel fuel or oil, even if you’re just changing the filter, topping off gas tanks, etc.; they will protect against burns and cuts as well as contamination of skin and clothing

By following Diesel Generator aftercare procedures, you can keep Diesel generators in top condition and ensure they last for many years. If would like more information regarding generator aftercare contact our great team today.