If you are suddenly left without power at home then it can be very unnerving, especially if you live alone and/or you are scared of the dark. Asides from this, it can leave you wondering why the power went and when it will return.

You can’t watch your favourite TV show anymore or find your way around the kitchen to cook dinner for the family. Your baby is crying, the pets are shaking and you are probably angry, right?

In the event of a power cut at home, the first thing to do is to maintain your composure. Panicking won’t get you anywhere and the reason for the power outage is probably a simple one. Follow these three steps when you find yourself with no electricity at home and we can assure you everything will be ok.

Step One: Look Outside

Look out your front door, send a message to a neighbour or peak out your window. Find out quickly whether the problem is with the whole street or whether it’s just your property that has no electricity. If the whole street has been plunged into darkness then it’s probably a local power cut causing the issue.

In most cases, local power cuts are just temporary and you will find yourself with electricity again in a short space of time. A quick call to your electricity provider and you will be able to establish what is going on. Sometimes electricity providers will post updates online if you can use your mobile phone to check this. This way you’ll be kept in the loop at the very least.

Step Two: Track Down a Torch

Most mobile phones have lights on them nowadays but we recommend a good old fashioned torch. You might want to keep the charge on your mobile phone for emergencies, so a torch is by far the safer option. Alternatively, light a few candles and make a romantic evening of it. Some of the best nights have been had when the power goes down, so if you have a few candles lying around, strike a match and enjoy the company of those around you. Talking never went a miss, did it?

Step Three: Check the Fuse Box

If you have a torch or an alternative light source, we recommend you check your fuse box at this point. If you have a circuit board with mini MCBS inside then there’s a chance these might have tripped. Modern circuit breakers can be quite sensitive at times, so there’s a chance your kettle, toaster or oven might have caused them to trip out. Check each MCB individually and reset where necessary if one of them has happened to trip.

If your lights and power aren’t quick to return then hopefully you will have found the answer from your electricity provider or a neighbour by this point. Sit tight and think of those who once lived without electricity. However did they manage?