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Many people realise that their need for electric power is not something they can easily go without. Whether it be a temporary power outage or something else, losing power can have a number of negative effects. Having reliable power means you can continue to operate even during a power cut.

What Is A PTO Generator?

PTO stands for power take off generator. This type of generator is one of the most reliable power supplies to operate equipment. PTO generators convert the energy output shaft of your vehicle into electricity at minimal loss. However, it can also be used in a similar way to power a building during a power cut.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be powering up your generator every day, so having a cost-effective backup power supply will mean you always have an alternative source of power. Many farms choose PTO generators as they are often powered using tractors.

4 Reasons To Consider A Power Take Off Generator

1. Take Power Anywhere

With the ability to take power to multiple locations is a huge advantage. Using a power take off generator means you can easily access power whenever and wherever you need it. From emergency power supplies to powering your tools, the options are endless. For what is considered a relatively small investment, will mean you can benefit for a reliable backup and mobile power supply.

2. Reliable Backup Power Supply

One of the biggest advantages if a PTO generator is the ability to supply your home or business with backup power during a power cut. Owning a PTO type generator means the next time there is a power cut, you’ll still be able to use and access power. Just think about the last time you suffered from a power cut and how you coped. Would it not of been easier to just hook up a generator and use your power like it had never gone off in the first place.

3. Lower Maintenance & Operation Costs

The more equipment you have, the more you need to worry about maintaining it and this will come at at expense. Whilst breaking down the finances will start to complicate things, a PTO generator has very minimal running costs and its simple components means it doesn’t require much maintenance either. Even with very little maintenance, the generator will smoothly all year around.

4. Low Upfront Cost

It’s not just the cost of running a PTO, the initial purchase is quite inexpensive too. Purchasing a PTO generator means your making use of an engine that you already know and use. On average it’s usually 50% cheaper compared to other types of generators such as diesel powered generators. The ability to move the generator around with ease, means you can benefit from power at anytime.

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James Simpson
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Mike M
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Lee Harris
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