Due to the crisis in Syria and the rising tensions of potential war, it is no surprise that the price of petrol and diesel has risen, triggering fears for fuel users that they could see their fuel bills spiral.
Prices had been hovering in the low to mid one hundred and teens pence per litre, were suddenly around 6p dearer, or more.

Why Do I Need Diesel in my Generator?

Diesel is used in generators thanks to the benefits of diesel as a fuel. In diesel powered engines, they work by compressing air in the engine to create power. Compared to gasoline powered with uses a mixture of fuel and air to create energy. This makes the ratios much higher for diesel, and such creating more power. However, one of the main benefits of diesel generators is the fuel efficiency. When you use a diesel generator, you may be able to generate enough power for 48hours usage, off just ten litres of diesel.

What Factors Influence the Price We Pay for Fuel at the Pumps?

The price you pay at the pump is governed by the wholesale price, which in turn is affected by;

  • the global price of crude oil
  • supply and demand for crude oil
  • refinery production and capacity
  • the currency exchange rate of £ to $
  • distribution costs
  • the margin fuel retailers decide to take
  • fuel duty charged by the Government
  • VAT charged at the end of every forecourt fuel transaction

How Can Bellwood Rewinds Help?

When it comes to finding the right diesel generator it is crucial to do your research and find out what you are buying first. When it comes to diesel generators there is a lot to take into consideration, our friendly team at Bellwood Rewinds are more than happy to help you.
Buy calling our team today we can help you to understand the difference between a natural gas and diesel-powered generator, offering advice on which generator to choose and how to make your mind up.