Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Diesel Generator

What you need to know about choosing a Diesel Generator

Purchasing a new generator is usually quite a heavy investment, so it’s important to make sure you know what you are choosing. Here we look at the reasons to choose a diesel generator and why.

Why choose a Diesel Generator?

It’s not worth spending more money than you need to on a generator that is too powerful for your needs. At the same time, you need to make sure the gen set you purchase is capable of restoring power in the event of an electricity outage.

When choosing a new gen set, specifically a diesel one, there are plenty of things that need to be considered. Here we look at the main reasons why you should choose a diesel generator, to help you with your buying decision.

Suited to your power needs.

When purchasing a new gen set, you need to consider your power needs to make sure you get your hands on the best engine to suit your requirements. Diesel generators are manufactured to cater for various power needs, with a range of models available to suit.

With any new generator, not just diesel, it’s important for you to consider your capacity requirements. This is the max total load you’ll need your generator to cope with at any given point, should the power go down. By adding up all the electrical loads of the systems, you can calculate the total amount of power you’ll need to cover.

The generator you select must be able to handle this potential load, taking future power needs into consideration too. If you electricity requirements will grow, it’s wise to factor this in when purchasing a new gen set. Bare in mind that running a new generator under its rated load by a large amount can cause damage to the system and reduce reliability.

Fuel can be stored on-site.

You can store fuel on site when you opt for a diesel generator. Although you can also purchase gas powered generators, you will need to connect your generator to the mains pipes in order for it to work.

Diesel is safe, reliable and cost friendly, making it a popular choice for when backup emergency power is needed. Mains pipes are not always available so diesel is quite often the preferred option.

Perfect for a range of environments.

Diesel generators are perfect for use in a range of environments and applications. They can be tailored to suit your place of work or home, should you wish to have a backup power source for your house.

Gen sets can be enhanced with extra features, such as custom containers and enclosures for protection. Enclosures can be tailored to suit the gen set in question.

For example, you might want a weather louvre to protect the supply and exhaust ducts from the harsh elements outside. You might also want noise reducing doors, depending on your location and environment, to keep noise levels to a minimum. These are just a couple of the custom features that can be added to your diesel generator enclosure, no matter where you are based.

How Can We Help?

Choosing the right generator can often be tricky. If you have already decided that you want a diesel generator, at least you are a little closer to making a decision.

We have years of experience when it comes to generators and can talk you the through the reasons why you should choose a diesel generator to be your backup power source. We can also help you to find a gen set to suit your requirements, factoring in all of the above and the reasons why you need one.

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