There aren’t many industries that can continue without electric power for very long. In the event of a power outage, most businesses would be forced into a period of downtime until the power returns. If this were to happen and you didn’t have a backup energy source, your business could end up losing a lot of money – not to mention the unhappy customers that might come from having no power.

If you care about your business, your customers and your overall financial wellbeing, you might want to consider a backup power source if you haven’t already. With that said, we thought we would take the time look at the reasons why you should consider purchasing a PTO generator for your home or business.

What is a PTO Generator?

Before we jump straight into looking at why you would choose a PTO generator, many of you might be wondering what a PTO generator is.

A PTO generator, or Power-Take Off Generator, provides you with a way of turning your equipment into a mini power plant, taking the energy from powerful appliances/equipment (such as tractors) and turning it into electricity that can be used for other things. PTO generators are commonly used on farms, with many farmers looking to enhance the way they work with an extra energy source.

Why would you use a PTO generator?

1. Portable Power

Most power take off generators can easily be transported from one place to another, providing you with portable power that can be used in multiple locations. A lot of people prefer PTO generators to standby generators as they can benefit from backup power wherever they go.

2. Less Maintenance & Running Costs

Compared to standby generators, PTO generators generally take far less time to maintain and less money/effort to operate. The potential points of failure are a lot lower than a generator with a diesel engine too, meaning you have less fuel, oil, repairs and frustrations to worry about.

As Power Take Off Generators require less maintenance, you don’t have to worry about it not working when you need it to.

3. Temporary Backup Power for Your Home

As well as providing you with a portable power source that you can move from location to location, your PTO generator can be used to provide backup power for when your power goes down at home or at work. If your equipment fails because you don’t have access to main electricity, PTO generators can provide you with a way of continuing your work. They are, essentially, a portable backup source that can be used as and when it is needed.

4. Cheaper to Buy

Compared to standby generators, PTO generators are one of the cheapest options you can opt for. Most generators that use a power take off system will last a long time, providing they are well looked after, making them one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to finding and maintaining a backup power source.


If you are considering buying a PTO generator, take the time to get in touch with Bellwood Rewinds and talk to us about your energy requirements.