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    If you are looking for a company that specialise in generators for sale, Bellwood Rewinds is one of the leading choices for generator sales throughout the UK. Our Three-Phase diesel powered generators make the perfect backup power source for commercial applications, such a supermarkets and medical organisations. Should your power go down for whatever reason, your diesel generator will seamlessly kick in to ensure your power is maintained.

    If you are unsure which diesel generator power would be best suited to your needs, please take the time to contact us and we can talk you through your options.

    We can offer full finance packages on any of our new/used generators (subject to status). If you are interested in any of the diesel generators we have available, or if you have a motor that needs repairing, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your requirements with you.

    We stock a comprehensive range of motors and diesel generators, from some of the biggest brands in the industry. 

    Looking for a Diesel Generator for Sale?

    We have a range of new generators and used diesel generators for sale UK. Stocking the best diesel generators the industry has to offer, from leading industry manufactures such as Teksan, Aksa and Linz.

    With our used generators, we firstly carry out thorough generator servicing and any repairs that are necessary to ensure the highest quality possible and trusted continued usage. We can help you find the diesel generator for your requirements and advise you on the best solutions going forward.

    Bellwood Rewinds - Generator Maintenance

    We are experts in back up power solutions, particularly the diesel generator sets. We stock a range of generators for sale, including new and used/second hand. Our generator sets are available in varying power outlet options from 1kva through to 10kva, 20kva, 50kva, 100kva and beyond. We stock a huge range of products, from silent diesel generators to small diesel generators and portable diesel generators too. Call our team today if you need help finding the best diesel generator to meet your requirements.

    As specialists in Generator Repairs, Bellwood Rewinds Ltd will gladly take a look at any generators which are believed to be faulty or broken. Our experience in the industry means we have seen and dealt with many problems that come with old or tired generators, but thankfully for you, we have the expertise to fix your generators, and potentially save you an small fortune in the long run. If you’re in need of a generator repair, be sure to contact us and we’d be more than happy to assist you with your generator repair enquiry.

    Bellwood Rewinds - Generator Part Removal
    Bellwood Rewinds - Generator Dynamic Balancing

    Bellwood Rewinds Ltd are able to provide Dynamic Balancing services to people in the North East who have rotors, fans, or impellers that need repairing. By using our Cemb Hoffman Dynamic Balancing Machine, we are able to handle loads of up to 500Kg and can balance down to ISO G1, which of course is the finest grade of balance. After we are finished balancing your rotating goods, we will deliver all items back to you, with the addition of a balancing certificate. We offer 24/7 Dynamic Balancing from our base in Hartlepool.

    Looking for Generator Hire?

    If you’re looking for generator hire, you’re in the right place, as well as generator sales and a whole range of other generator services, at Bellwood Rewinds we provide generator hire. Due to the weather and climate change being unpredictable, it’s important for us to consider and prepare for any possible emergency situations like power shortages. An electricity shortage for a night or two is manageable, however blackouts which can last for weeks are a whole different story.

    With this in mind, at Bellwood Rewinds we offer a full generator hire service available to clients and customers across the UK. Our generator hire services aim to get you through a range of situations and what’s more is, all of our generator hire is catered to each clients requirements and comes in a range of contract length. So if you’re searching for ‘generator hire near me’ and are in need of extra power, make sure you contact Bellwood Rewinds for cost effective generator hire.

    Should you be looking for a generator service, you have come to the right place, at Bellwood Rewinds we offer full generator servicing to customers across the UK. With years of experience in the servicing and maintenance of your generator, as experts we provide an approach that will ensure transparency and minimal disruption for clients. We are specialists in generators and our generator service team can be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. When it comes to servicing your generator, our team will provide load bank testing to test how well your generator will operate under different loads. When it comes to generator services, the Bellwood Rewinds team are the company that you can rely on, as well as services to the highest standards, we also aim to provide value for money solutions and a specialist support service for clients who require more information on generator services, checks and repairs. If you’re in need of a ‘generator service near me’, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

    Bellwood Rewinds - Generator Servicing
    Bellwood Rewinds - Motors

    If you’re looking for motors, Bellwood Rewinds are highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to motors, our team of engineers have been providing motors and repair services for a number of years and are all highly skilled. The electric motor is something that turns electrical energy into a motion, this is typically a rotational movement, electrical energy. The motors we provide operate electrically by either an AC or DC power source, the electrical energy will be converted into mechanical or kinetic energy. At Bellwood Rewinds we understand the implications that can be caused when faults occur to motors, as well as the problems that can arise from the absence of the product, for this reason we always work as quickly and efficiently as we can to ensure that you are back up and running again as normal. When it comes to generators and motors, at Bellwood Rewinds we have a full department dedicated to the motors and electrical motors, so should you require our services. Feel free to contact our team today.

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