AC DC Electric Motor Repair

AC/DC Electric Motor Repairs

Bellwood Rewinds Ltd have vast amounts of experience when it comes to repairing electric motors. Our team of skilled engineers can help you with any problems you have and will always seeks to diagnose the problem in good time. This way the repair process can begin as soon as physically possible. These types of motors tend to be systems that operate electrically through either an AC power source or DC power source.

An electric motor is a something that turns electrical energy into a motion; typically a rotational movement. This electrical energy is converted into mechanical or kinetic energy. When a fault occurs in a motor, it effectively stopped the machine from operating as efficiently as possible. At Bellwood Rewinds, we can understand the implications that can be caused when a fault occurs and also the problems that can arise from the absence of the product. For this reason, we always work as quickly and efficiently as we can to get you up and running again, as normal.

Catering for motors up to roughly 400Kw in size, Bellwood Rewinds Ltd have a department dedicated to the overhaul and rewind of electric motors, which can be tailored to your specifications. We are always on hand, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so if an emergency arises please be sure to give us a call so we can discuss your needs with you.

Electric Motor Repair

As a leading supplier of motors, electric motors and motor systems, should you be looking for an electric motor repair, at Bellwood Rewinds we’ve got you covered. We’re renowned across the UK for the excellent motor services that we provide including electric motor repairs. You can trust that you’ve come to the right place with Bellwood Rewinds, as an established company we have received a number of five-star ratings and great customer feedback over the years, this is due to our friendly customer service and specialist knowledge of motors and electric motor repairs. For businesses and individuals who are looking for quality products and excellent service, the Bellwood Rewinds team can offer you a selection of top of the range electric motors as well as motor repairs. What’s more is we’ll ensure that you receive the utmost professionalism and a personal approach, it’s our priority to make sure that we provide our customers with a quality service that meets all of your needs.

With a highly reputable team, our excellent service tends to be the thing that keeps our clients coming back. Equipped with a professional workshop over 8000 square feet, we also offer a full repair service for electric motors that includes many brands. For more information on the motors and electric motor repair services that we offer, or should you be looking for ‘electric motor repair near me’ please call Bellwood Rewinds today.

Small Electric Motor Repair

If you require a small electric motor repair, then look no further, the expert team at Bellwood Rewinds can be on hand to help. As an established provider of motor repairs, we are also home to a highly experienced team who specialise in providing a range of motors and motor repair services, so whatever you need, the Bellwood Rewinds team have got you covered. Our small motor repairs aim to give you the option to get you through those times when your motor isn’t working or functioning properly, so you can continue to go about your day as you usually would. What’s more is when you choose Bellwood Rewinds, we are home to an experienced team of experts who can always be on hand can answer any questions or queries that you may have. 

Large Electric Motor Repair

At Bellwood Rewinds, we’re experts when it comes to providing a range of large electric motor repairs and our services are suitable for a range of large motor applications, and will ensure your motor’s productivity. What’s more is we aim to provide large electric motor repairs that are economical, produce low emissions and only need minimal maintenance. We have been offering our large electric motor repairs to customers across the country for a number of years and we are also home to some of the most experienced specialists within the industry. We provide a range of electric motor repairs, so you’ll be able to find a solution that meets all of your requirements. 

What is the difference between AC motors and DC motors?

They both work in the same sort of way. The only difference is that the current within a DC motor maintains in the same direction, whereas the current in an AC motor reverses halfway through the cycle at around 100 times a second.

Why do motors need to be rewound?

If your motor is old and burned out, you can get the motor renovated instead of having to buy a whole new motor. At Bellwood, we have a team of proficient mechanics that can help repairing and renovating different kinds of electrical motors. From small to larger motors up to 400Kw, you can be assured that we are fully equipped and certified to carry out different solutions to get your motor running as efficiently as possible.

What does the rewinding process consist of?

We would recommend that only a professional engineer carries out any of your electric motor services. When handling electrical work, it is best that someone with the correct knowledge is undertaking the work to ensure that the motor is working as efficiently and safely as possible.

"When looking on Google for a company to help with our ACDC Electric repair I came across Bellwood. Spot on service used them for years ever since. Always on hand to help!"

- James Kirkup

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Bellwood Rewinds, here are just some of them:

Reliable Products and Services

All of our motors are supplied to the highest standards and this includes the second-hand systems that we provide, they are all repaired and serviced before we make them available to customers. All of our new systems are checked and serviced too, ensuring they are fit for customer use, we are proud of our ultra-reliable product range.

Broad Range of Products and Services

We have a wide range of motors available to choose from including AC DC motors and what’s more is, at Bellwood Rewinds we offer advice and guidance to ensure that you get your hands on exactly what you need.

Competitive Prices

Our range of products and services are all competitively priced, so if you are looking for a cost effective solution, we can find something to suit your requirements.

Expert advice

For those of you that aren’t sure which motor system or service that you require, or whether to hire or purchase, we can help you. We have years of experience specialising in the sale and rental of our motor systems and products and will happily talk you through your options.

Contact Us Today

Should you be interested in learning more about the range of motor products and services that we offer, please contact our team today and we can advise you on the models that we currently have available based on your needs. Tell us more about your requirements and we will point you towards the right equipment, what’s more is we offer a full service including electric motor repairs. If you seek any further information about our company or our sales and repair services, please feel free visit our Help and Advice page. If you would like to know more about our hire packages and prices, contact us directly for a tailored quote.

We pride ourselves on the professional and friendly customer support and quality systems and services that we provide across the UK, you can call upon whenever the need arises. Having worked with large and small companies as well as individual households across the country, you can rest assured that Bellwood Rewinds is not only equipped to handle all your motor needs, but we are passionate about it, too. We care about our customers and are always looking for innovative products and solutions to add to our services.

Should you need any further information about our company or the sales and repair service that we provide, please get in touch with the Bellwood Rewinds team today.