Pramac Generators

Pramac Generators

Pramac Generators – Ready For Energy Generation

Founded in 1966, Pramac originally focussed its efforts on the construction industry. From this point Pramac branched out into energy and the material handling sector. Using a wealth of resources, the company created a range of Pramac generators that are efficient and reliable.

From lightweight open frame generators to silent powered generators, there are many different Pramac generators to choose from. Using advanced technology Pramac generators have established themselves as one of the best and most reliable available on the market.

Pramac Generators – Reliable Power

Open Frame

The open frame Pramac generators are a light and compact generator that allows for easy transportations. This type of generator offer one of the best balances between price, power and performance. Suitable for powering commercial equipment and light residential use, it’s easy to see why the open frame Pramac generator has become one of their top generators.

Long Running Power

Pramac offer the long running power generator that is compact in design for easy transportation. As a long running power generator it can easily power a number of things such as homes, farming equipment and much more. The long running Pramac generator offers a reliable and efficient power option.


The professional package Pramac generator is a true all in one generator. Coming equipped with a full control panel, large fuel tank and a powerful engine, it is capable of handling most residential and commercial requirements. The Pramac professional package generator is designed to make your life eaiser.

Safety and Protection

As one of the safest options on the market the Pramac safety and protection generate comes with IP54 electric protection and an automatic voltage regulator. The premium professional class generator is used by both domestic and commercial customers.

Efficient Silent Power

The silent Pramac generator is both air and water cooled to give the best overall performance with the lowest noise impact. Available in both diesel and petrol options, the Pramac silent power generator is capable of powering all of your domestic and commercial needs. The silent generator is perfect for anyone looking to reduce noise pollution when carrying out work in a built-up area.

Choosing A Pramac Generator

Choosing the right type of Pramac generator to buy can be difficult. At Bellwood Rewinds, we have a team of experts who will guide you through the options available to you; ensuring you choose the most reliable generator for your requirements.

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