Generators are a lifesaver in emergency situations. They provide people with the power they need to charge their phones, cook food, and stay warm. However, there is one major downside to generators: their price tag! Generators can be quite expensive for consumers who don’t have access to affordable financing options.

Luckily, used generators exist as an alternative option for those looking for cheap sources of power. Used generators are typically priced much lower than new models and come with all the same features! Unfortunately, not everyone has information about how to find out if a generator is worth buying secondhand or not – this blog post will teach you everything you need to know about shopping around for used generators!

What might you use an electric generator for?

Whether you are looking for a generator for business or personal use the benefits are endless. Offering backup power you can rest assured that you can continue as normal. As long as you have enough power output you can run almost anything on a generator.

How much power do you need?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your generator is how much power you will need not only right now but also in the future. There is little point in paying upfront for a generator that you will outgrow in only a matter of years. It may also be worth considering what you can do without. After all, generators are expensive and it may be more cost-effective to plan to run only the essentials from the generator.

How to tell if a generator has been well maintained?

As with many pieces of used equipment, it is important to check that correct maintenance has been done. Be sure to check that the generator has been regularly serviced and there are no obvious signs of damage or leaks. Many generators will be resold following a full service, if this is the case ask what work needed to be done during the service. This will offer you the information about any part that has just been replaced and thus are unlikely to course problems any time soon. But also you can tell how well the generator has been maintained by how much work needed to be done.

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Warning Signs

When you are looking at possible used generators there are many signs you can look out for. These signs follow the same logic as buying a used car. Check for signs for oil leaks and any shoddy repairs to the electrical wiring or fluid lines. If you are in any doubt ask questions or even ask for a second opinion Another important thing to look at is the air intake if they are dirty or blocked this can be a sign of poor maintenance.

Important things to consider

Similar to purchasing any used equipment you have many things to bear in mind, remember that you are one in control, take your time and ask questions. If you are in any doubt ask for a second opinion you can even ask for a mechanic you can trust to check the generator.

Always consider how old the generator is and how long you are planning to use it. Are you buying used as a stopgap until you are in place to replace it or will you be using this generator long term? Any old generators can run safely and without issue for many years if well maintained.

If possible enquire as to what the generator was used for in the past. Two generators of the same age will be in very different conditions depending on if the generator was used continuously in an industrial setting or if it was used as a backup generator in a medical setting.

How hard will you be working the Generator

Make sure you plan for how much of the generator’s capacity you will be using. A generator will age significantly faster if you are running it at 100% for the entirety of its life. In comparison, if you are only using a fraction of the capacity the generator will be working without issues for much longer.

Used generators are a great option for people who need to save money or don’t use their generators on a daily basis. They can be found online, at your local hardware store, and in some cases even used right from the manufacturer. Whether you’re looking to power up your home during an emergency or just interested in saving money by purchasing a cheaper alternative- there’s no reason not to purchase one of these machines! In most instances, they’ll last as long as new ones too, so it won’t hurt if you have them for years before needing to replace them. Whether you are looking for new or used generators here at Bellwood Rewind we have a range to suit all your needs. If you’ve been thinking about getting one but aren’t sure where to start our team is ready and waiting with plenty of options that will fit any budget! Contact Bellwood Rewinds Ltd today to discuss our range of generators. If you are still unsure read more about why we think you should choose us here.