Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturers

Cemb Hofmann

Who are Cemb Hofmann?

Cemb Hofmann is one of the leading manufacturers of balancing machines. They specialise in providing fast, accurate and modern balancing machines. As a long established dynamic balancing machine manufacturer, Cemb Hofmann is the UK sales and service centre for Cemb S.p.A and Hofmann Maschinen und Anlagenbaur GmbH.

What do Cemb Hofmann offer?

Having specialised in balancing and vibration technology for over 50 years, the company is mostly known for its unrivalled BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited sub contract balancing service. They are also a renowned manufacturer of high precision balancing machines. The balancing machines they offer are used to measure both static and dynamic balancing.

Providing fast and accurate horizontal axis hard bearing balancing machines, which are suitable for measuring both static and dynamic unbalance and there also suitable for rotors that weight between 1g to 100 tonnes. Addressing the unbalanced parts in machinery through accurate, modern and high precision dynamic balancing machines, it can help to improve the service life, quality and accuracy of your machinery.

Balance Systems

Who are Balance Systems?

Established in 1975 as GT Electronica, Balance Systems officially came about in 2001. Having been offering balancing systems since 1987, the company has grew to become well known throughout Europe and around the rest of the world for the number of dynamic balancing solutions they offer.

What do Balance Systems offer?

Balance Systems are now known for their two main areas of business, which include balancing machines for rotating components and process control systems for machine tools. They have a philosophy of developing tomorrows technology to go beyond expectations, offering exclusive solutions for balancing and control.


Who are Schenck?

Schenck have been around for over 125 years, they have been trusted and respected throughout the world for its expertise, skills and innovation. Combining years of industry experience with their service, reliability and quality of the products they offer, they have become a state of the art engineering and dynamic balancing machine manufacturer.

What do Schenck offer?

The company offers a complete range of balancing and diagnosis technology. They believe in offering the right solution to every task and every problem. Offering state of the art technology and advanced solutions for balancing and diagnostic systems, Schenck has become a leading engineering company. With over a 1000 employees worldwide, dedicated to developing balancing and diagnosis, they are set to continue going from strength to strength.

Which Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturer should I choose?

Purchasing or subcontracting a balancing machine is a difficult decision to make and is also a large investment for any business. Although all balancing machine manufacturers offer a great range of systems and machinery, it’s about choosing the best brand for your business.

Why choose Cemb Hofmann for Balancing Machines?

Although they haven’t been around as long as brand such as Schenck, Cemb Hofmann are one of the leading balancing machine companies. Dedicating their resources to the further development of balancing technology, they are set to continue growing and establishing their brand; maintain their stance as a leading manufacturer for dynamic balance machines.

What makes Cemb Hofmann different?

Cemb Hofmann are a specialist balancing company, they dedicate the majority of their time and resources to the development of balancing technology. They offer what is considered an unrivalled service, and can support all your balancing needs; no matter how big or small.

What type of balancing machines do they offer?

As a balancing company, they offer a range of machinery including dynamic balance machines and static balancing machines. They offer everything from belt driven machinery for small rotors to end drive and variable speed machinery. From their first balancing machine in 1946 to advancements in touch screen dynamic technology, they offer the best range of balancing solutions.

What is sub-contact dynamic balancing?

Cemb Hofmann offer a comprehensive service to customers who have parts that needs to be balanced. Rotors are balanced and certified using modern equipment. All of the services they offer are in house and are managed by dedicated and experienced staff whom have the knowledge and experience to deal with all balancing.

How can we help?

Bellwood Rewinds offer dynamic balancing services in-house from our North East location. To find out more about our balancing machine or the service we offer, please take the time to contact us and speak to a member of our friendly team.