False Facts About Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are used to power a wide range of appliances and equipment. They can be found in homes, commercial buildings, construction sites and more. However, there are still many false facts about diesel generators that people assume to be true. If you’re looking for the truth or need some advice on this topic, then keep reading! We’ll look at five common myths and explain why they aren’t true below. 


They are Large and Bulky

If you are looking for a generator but are worried about how much space it will take up, you need not worry. Modern generators are surprisingly compact, and thanks to their self contained design, they do not have multiple parts spread across your site. Additionally, your generator needs only be as large as you need. We can provide a generator to suit your power requirements and space restriction to ensure you are not wasting space or money. We offer a wide range of generators and have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the generator to suit your needs. 

They are Very Loud

Gone are the days of requiring ear protection to operate a generator. Almost all modern generators are remarkably quiet thanks to improvements to their design. Additionally, if you have concerns, you can local your generator away from your buildings to help eliminate any noise at all. 

They are Bad for the Planet

It is a common misconception that generators are terrible for the environment. It is correct that all generators will use some form of fossil fuel, be that diesel or natural gas. However, the equipment used has been developed over many years and is not as economical and efficient as possible. Thanks to this, you can use your generator without feeling guilty. 

They are not Very Powerful

Ensuring you have sufficient power from your generator is essential. With the increasing amount of electricity being used in homes and businesses, the demand for high power generators has never been higher. Thankful generators have increased in power output to match the needs of customers. It is possible to run entire high power usage building on generator power alone, including hospitals and hotels. 

They are not Needed in a Residential Property

The design of generators has been refined over the years, meaning you can now purchase compact and discreet generators that can easily add a generator to a residential home. This can allow for backup power during emergencies or blackouts. Thanks to the portability of some models, you can even take the generator with you to outdoor events or a camping holiday. 

Generators can Operate without Regular Maintenance

Generators are like any other piece of equipment and require regular maintenance. Mainly people believe you can simply install a generator and leave it until it is needed; however, you must arrange regular maintenance and servicing to ensure your generator works as required. Here at Bellwood Rewinds, we are proud to offer expert generator maintenance and service for all customers. 

All Generator Brands are the Same

The band of your generator may be something you are included to overlook. However, just in time with cars or electronics, the manufacture of your generator can significantly impact the reliability and lifespan of your generator. By investing in a high-quality generator from day one, you will avoid the stress and cost of any issues down the line. Additionally, some more prominent brands have offered fantastic customer service for years following the purchase of a generator. If you have any questions regarding the different brands of generators, contact our fantastic team here at Bellwood Rewind. 

Diesel Generator VT-1 Lighting Tower Compant
Diesel Generator VT-1 Lighting Tower

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You may have heard a lot of things about diesel generators that people think are true. However, there’s plenty of misinformation out there, and we want to set you straight on some false facts. If you’re considering buying a generator or already own one, make sure you know these common misconceptions, so they don’t lead to any confusion in your purchase decision process. What myths have been most confusing for you? Let us know! We’d love to help clear them up for you. Our team at Bellwood Rewinds has been providing solutions for all customers since 1998 – from residential repairs and troubleshooting to commercial services and sales including new and used generators– so feel free to give us a call anytime with questions or concerns!