What are the Different Types of Generators?

If you are thinking about getting a new generator, you might be wondering what different types of generators are out there. With a range of different options available, it can sometimes be confusing (and daunting) knowing what to choose.

Below, we look at the different generator types to help you better understand what’s available.

Portable RV / Recreational Generators

This type of generator is a popular choice when a silent/quiet system is required for recreational use, providing clean power for sensitive electronics, such as computers. This type of generator generally runs on petrol (gasoline).

Portable Residential Generators

This type of generator is often a choice among people looking to backup the power in their homes. When your power goes down, your residential generator will kick in to ensure your appliances, such as fridges and freezers, keep on working. Your can get residential generators that run on gas, petrol or LP, depending on your preference.

Portable Construction / Industrial Generators

This type of generator is perfect for construction and industrial-type environments where a backup power source is required. If for whatever reason, the electrical line is faulty and you are unable to operate equipment properly, your portable generator can kick into action. Losses from downtime can be avoided, as can disruptions through work needing to be extended.

PTO Generators

Power Take Off generators provide you with a way of turning your equipment into a mini power plant, taking the energy from powerful appliances/equipment (such as tractors) and turning it into electricity that can be used for other things. PTO generators are commonly used on farms, with many farmers looking to enhance the way they work with an extra energy source.

Welder Generators

Welder generators combine the capabilities of a welder and a generator into one. You will generally find welder generators work using petrol or diesel.

Mobile Towable Generators

This type of generator will generally be required when a portable backup energy source is required for industrial and construction type applications. A range of voltage models are available, depending on how your generator will be used and with what applications. You might want to opt for a single voltage generator, rather than a switchable voltage generator, if the application is more defined.

Vehicle Mounted Generators

Vehicle mounted generators are usually found mounted on vehicles in case of emergency. They can be used for spray foam, construction, oil field and mining applications, just to name a few.

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