It is without a doubt a ‘yes’ when investing in a generator for a large outdoor event whether it’s a sporting event or getting ready to tie the knot with a lovely open-air reception, no matter what the event is you will always require a reliable source of power to keep everyone content.

If your event comes under any of the following we highly recommend hiring an outdoor generator;

At Bellwood Rewinds we have a range of diesel generators designed purposely for outdoor events, if you are unsure on which diesel generator is right for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

Planning the Outdoor Event

The workload of an event planner often goes unnoticed by most who enjoy the results of the event. Especially if you are leading the organisational team, you are constantly under the stress of responsibilities, delegations and triple-checking that everything goes according to plan. The last disaster you want on your hands is to have any power issues.
This is where Bellwood Rewinds come in to help, we have been providing diesel generators and generator services to clients throughout the North East for many years.

Assembly & Montage

No matter if you buy or hire a generator, the equipment will never reach you completely unassembled. The main generator will arrive pieced together, meaning you just might have to assemble the extra parts such as; wheels, support legs, or handles. However, this rarely occurs for customers who hire generators from Bellwood Rewinds, there are two steps you need to take when hiring a diesel generator;

  • Add the necessary amount of oil, most of our generators will show the oil level so you know how much to pour. Please note that the oil level should be checked before every use and changed after about 20 hours of continuous running.
  • Add fuel by following the instructions for your generator’s model. It’s important to make sure your fuel tank isn’t overfilled so the air system isn’t clogged.

Diesel Generator Safety

It is crucial to maintain safety always when using your diesel generator, although all our Bellwood Rewind generators are built for safe use it is still a piece of equipment which works with highly flammable substances and needs to be treated with care. Our number one rule when it comes to using our generators is to always keep it outdoors, if you fail to follow this simple rule you can coincide with life-threatening scenarios such as carbon monoxide poisoning, or electric shocks. Our other safety rules include;

  • Keep it away from rain and water in general
  • Store your generator fuel in a safe container
  • Always get professional help if something unexpected occurs
outdoor event generators

Why Bellwood Rewinds?

Established over 20 years ago Bellwood Rewinds have been the first port of call when it comes to generators. With rapid response to all generator problems we can visit your location, assess your generator and repair it in a good time to suit your business. Our team can carry out onsite servicing and repairs of your generator and offer service contracts for the lifetime of your generator, we also carry many spares. At Bellwood Rewinds we regularly audit our processes and paperwork to ensure the best experience for our clients. If you are unsure about the size of machine you require or just need some friendly advice, please get in touch.