It is most likely that you have got insurance for your business. But do you also have any backup plans for your electricity supply? Having a permanent Standby Generator for your company is a pragmatic and viable investment to make. Why is that so? Because the world is going at a fast pace in the technological arena. All departments are now dependent on technology, from production to managing human resources. And electricity is the lifeline to keep your industrial affairs operational. There are many ways to acquire a Standby Generator from new and used units to generator hire and here at Bellwood Rewind, we offer them all. 

Unfortunately, many industries rely too much on state-powered electricity supplies. Resorting to a single source of electricity for your company leaves you in a vulnerable position. Think of a fault arising in the grid. Your production supplies come to a standstill without having any backup options in place. We have compiled six reasons below to help you understand the importance of having industrial generators for a constant electricity supply. If you have a generator it is important that your prepare your Standby Generator for winter, for more information check out our new blog

Equipment Damage And Security Breach 

As technology is inevitable in industries, businesses rely on computers and electronic data storage to fast operations. Power outages or blackouts will put these machinery, computers and other electric equipment at risk.

You might also lose your important data when computers shut down during a blackout. A sudden interruption in power lines can result in data corruption of the computers and can cause other performance issues. Equally important, it interrupts the automatic data saving process. 

Moreover, Your company’s sensitive information and other areas are likely to become more prone to security breaches during blackouts.

So, reliable backup power can help you foil any security breach attempt in your industrial premises and secure your expensive equipment and important data.

Uncertainty of Power Outage

It will surprise you that there are power outages even in developed countries like the UK and Europe as a whole. 

A recent report published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that 2020 was the worst year for the power outage in the United States.

It further said that ‘on average, an American went over 8 hours without electricity in 2020.’ 

Other reasons may include the fault in the grid station or short circuit in the industry’s supply system. Sometimes, the spikes in voltage can easily cause a power outage. 

Amidst this, standby generators will save your business from going into darkness for hours. Because every second is equivalent to profit in the industry, and you can’t afford to lose the gain while waiting for the power to get restored. 

Unsatisfied Clients 

A power outage will negatively impact how customers perceive your business. In the event of downtime, your communication lines shut down temporarily. This will hurt your Customer service. People eventually degrade your reputation as an unreliable partner to make business deals with. During electricity shortages, your services and sites may be inaccessible to your clients. It leaves you at a considerable loss because potential clients start to look elsewhere.

It will not lower your customer retention rate but also limit the prospects of gaining customers. Marketing your reputation and regaining the trust of such clients will come with a significant price. So, it is better to make the prior investment in standby generators.

Cost of Losing Power Supply

The primary thing that hurts the most during electricity shortage is the financial loss your business bears. As the production line is the backbone of any industry, it requires a 24/7 uninterrupted electricity supply to function smoothly. Any problem with electricity will potentially halt the production line, and you will bear the losses in a matter of a few hours. 

The losses depend on the length of the outage, time of day and types of goods you produce. According to an ITIC report, 98 Percent of businesses have said that one hour of downtime will cost over $100,000. Companies that do not have industrial generators installed are on the verge of losing cash. They would not have gone through this loss if they had backup plans. 

Decreased Employees Performance

Another area where the power disruption will strike you is the decreased employee performance. What are employees supposed to do when the equipment is inoperable? They will have to sit idle until the power returns. 

This also pushes workers to consider alternative options for the job. Because power outages make them think that your business is not sustainable, and you might end up losing skilled and competitive workers. 

Loss of Productivity

As mentioned earlier, for the industries dependent on electrical equipment for production, the electricity interruption may shut down their whole production units.

The loss of productivity will cause the loss of inventory. In return, you will generate less revenue during that particular period of time. According to E-Source, a research and data-science firm, power outages in the USA cost businesses $27 billion per year. 


A Standby Generator would help you avert the above problems before their occurrence. As the market has already become competitive, you need a constant power supply to compete. Any minor issue with the electricity supply would result in an unprecedented loss that you couldn’t have imagined before. For more information on using a standby generator in emergencies, we recommend this blog by Science Direct. So, purchasing an industrial generator is a worthwhile investment. If you would like more information about how generators can assist your business contact our great team here at Bellwood Rewind today.